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1. Star gaze in your backyard

2. Look at old photographs (you were so cute… what happened?!)

3. Make a collage/poster out of your old photos

4. Rearrange the furniture in your room (ask for permission first!)

5. Paint/draw a picture

6. Write a thank-you note to someone important in your life

7. Teach your pet a new trick (be patient!)

8. Write a poem

9. Plant something (in a pot or outside if it’s warm enough!)

10. Climb a tree

11. Throw out stuff you don’t need (donate old clothes!)

12. Make a CD or playlist of your favorite songs or as a gift for someone

13. Learn words in a foreign language

14. Talk to your parents about your ancestors (believe me… it’s cooler than it sounds!)

15. Ride your bike

16. Learn to do a sudoku in the newspaper

17. Go jogging, bike riding, roller skating, etc

18. Call up neighborhood friends and play soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, Frisbee, etc

19. Teach yourself sign language (use youtube.com or google.com to find info on it!)

20. Reread your favorite childhood book

21. Bake cookies

22. Lie out on the grass and decide what the clouds in the sky look like

23. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a REALLY long time

24. Take a bubble bath

25. Make a movie/documentary

26. Write in a journal

27. Cut out cool newspaper/magazine pictures and make a new wallpaper (ask for permission!)

28. Mow the lawn (your parents will LOVE you!)

29. Set up a tent in your backyard and go “camping”

30. Go sledding!

31. Learn to cook something new (pasta is an easy starting point)

32. Make a video on your computer (see if you have the right program first)

33. Invite everyone you know and have a snow “war” – make teams, forts, and snowballs!

34. Make someone a card just because

35. Learn origami

36. Ask your dad for some scraps of wood, nails, and a hammer – see what you can make!

37. Play a board game you think you’re too old for

38. Learn a card trick

39. Read a joke book

40. Play Wallyball! Look up rules at: http://www.wallyball.com/

41. Plan a fun outing for another day

42. Learn how to do a French braid on someone else’s hair… then try your own!

43. Put together a puzzle

44. Rake and then play in the leaves

45. Have a squirt gun or water balloon fight

46. Play 20 questions

47. Invent a new game… maybe even make your own board game with pieces and all!

48. Learn to juggle

49. Pick a bouquet of flowers and put them on the table as a nice surprise

50. Have a car wash or lemonade stand

51. Invent a secret code

52. Hide a “treasure” and make a scavenger hunt for your friends

53. Start your own blog

54. Play a nice, funny prank on someone

55. Make a time capsule

56. Karaoke

57. Learn some big words to impress (or confuse!) others with

58. Go exploring! There are probably tons of things you forgot you had at home…

59. Have a picnic in  your backyard

60. Watch TV on mute and make up the dialogue

61. Think of nicknames for everyone you know

62. Start collecting something

63. Start a nature scrapbook

64. Sidewalk chalk!

65. Make goop! (Mix 2 cups water, a few drops of food coloring, and 6 cups cornstarch/cornflour.)

66. String beads or macaroni on some dental floss to make a cool necklace or bracelet

67. Make a smoothie

68. Make birthday cards for all your friends and family so they’re ready for the year

69. Put on a play

70. Collect canned goods for a soup kitchen

71. Use fabric paints to decorate a shirt

72. Make your own list of things to do when you’re bored                                                            





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